In the U.S., about 31% of the population has had some experience with an illegal drug, and even more with alcohol. That means roughly one out of every three people you know have taken drugs or drank their fill of alcohol on at least one occasion. Unfortunately, several become addicted and harm themselves, their lives, and those of their family and friends.

When they finally step into recovery, one of the most difficult tasks is finding and keeping a job. Many companies won’t bother hiring a recovering addict at all. This does nothing but make a relapse more probable. Below are some ways you can help a recovering addict become an asset to your company, as well as the world.

Watch Out For Triggers

People in recovery are anything but out of the woods, yet. For most, drugs and/or alcohol were a way to escape reality. Life is hard for all of us. Each of us has our own way of coping. For an addict, it can be the high or the drunk that allows them to forget things for a while.

Watch out for relapse triggers.  Situations that would shake any of us might just be too much for the recovering addict. If they are having trouble with a significant other, have financial difficulty, lose someone close to them, or just get caught in a rut, they may be tempted to relapse.

Be Part of Their Support Team

When a recovering addict sails back out into the world, they need a good team. This team is usually made up of a counselor, certain family members, close friends, and the authorities that keep a check on them. As their boss, it is a good idea to be a part of this team.

Members of a support team are constantly there for someone in recovery. They are there to encourage them to stay on the right track, be honest with them when they are not, and help guide them back to the correct part when they veer off.

Set A Good Example

It’s considered normal for someone to have a drink to relax after a long day at work and what you do in your free time is your business, alone. However, it would be beneficial to the recovering addict to have an alcohol and drug free environment to work in. Not only would this keep temptation at bay, but it’s common knowledge that a sober employee works longer and with more efficiency.

Hiring a recovering addict doesn’t have to be a tragedy waiting to happen. Yes, it takes more time and attention to detail, but part of making the world a better place is helping each do better than the day before. Use these tips to help make sure the recovery process goes full circle.


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