It’s safe to say adjusting to the new normal hasn’t been easy for any of us and however many home workouts you’ve mastered, takeaways you’ve discovered and walks you’ve been on it’s still seemingly impossible to get used to. But with a new year and a fresh start to give us some redirection, staying positive and doing our best to adjust and refocus is something we can really throw ourselves into and embrace as part of the new year. So here are some top points to why moving to remote working isn’t all that bad and how you could really take advantage of your new found working freedom.

Choosing where to live

Never before has work been so remote and as easily done from anywhere and if that’s not a reason to find your dream location I don’t know what is. While we’ve all got a bit bored of the four walls that have encapsulated just about every essence of our beings the last 12 months, moving to a new location for a fresh start may be just what you’ve been looking for. Whether you’ve always lived a little too close to the city to shorten the work commute but your heart really belongs in something more rural or perhaps you’ve always been a part of a small town and you want a taste of big city life, now could be the perfect time. There are so many options when it comes to working from home now, especially for those people wanting to live closer to the countryside. You can now look to get a prefab shed office to place in your garden, to bring a bit of city life to your country home. Not only is it great because wifi connections can now accommodate at high-speeds for rural areas using satellite internet, which is explained further from websites like this but also with the Stamp Duty holiday continuing until March 31st now is a great time to move or buy with a nice slice of the price cut out. There is no point putting your life on hold because of job locations the time to act is now and what’s better than taking a lunch break walking through a field and getting that well-needed fresh air, ready for the afternoon work. Shared ownership is also a great way to get onto the property ladder if you feel like really setting down your roots this year in a place you love and with shared ownership in Sevenoaks to Canterbury to Manchester and Surrey, you can find a home at a comfortable price in your favourite spot.

More time for self care

Yes, we might miss our colleagues and the office banter and the christmas parties and the whining about the weather or the traffic or the instant coffee, but working from home does come with its benefits. Not only do you get to miss out that shot of stress and cortisol that is immediately injected into your veins the second you get to the bottom of the drive and someone has already not given way at the round about but it also means you get a little longer in bed and who doesn’t love a little more shut-eye. Ensuring you get a healthy breakfast and even sit down to eat it with the kids is something that rushing off to the office to beat the morning rush hour has never given us. And with more time to prepare for the day ahead you can make sure you fit in a little exercise, wholesome meals and even a brisk walk to help you feel a little more alive.

More time for those we love

This year has been tough on the side of spending time with loved ones especially if they live far away or have had to self-isolate but working from home can really help us focus our time on family even if we can only see those in our household. Often we get home from work and playing football in the garden is the last thing on our mind when we finally slump onto the comfort of the couch after a long day at the office. But now with no rush hours to worry about, no forgotten briefcases at the office, no atrociously bad drivers swerving into your lay on the motorway, home time really does mean relaxing and spending some quality time with the kids. And while it can be a little frustrating with two zoom meetings in different rooms, the kids fighting in the hallway and the dog nudging for attention mid phone call to your line manager, there is a lot to be grateful for even if it’s a little tough right now.


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