In line with their partnership with The Diana Award charity, UK bus operator Stagecoach has launched the UK’s first and only #BeNiceBus. The Diana Award runs the leading Anti-Bullying campaign in the UK and Ireland, equipping young people with the confidence, skills and training to take on all forms of bullying as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.

The main challenge of a content marketer is finding marketable and creative new ways to present your content.  In the land of marketing, it is nothing new that great content is the key to the proverbial door leading to a world of social media shares, backlinks, and lots of web traffic. 6

It’s a dog-eat-dog world in the business realm, regardless of what industry you’re in. And, it can realistically be attributed to some of the habits that you have regarding self policing that if you end up as a success or failure. Exercising restraint with respect to certain actions or even attitudes will make you go a long way in the professional world.

It happens. You are driving home from work one night and stop at the red light. You wait your turn, the light turns green, and you proceed, but the other car runs the light and t-bones you. Your injuries are substantial. You lose time at work, time with your family, and most likely you vehicle. The loss in time healing and away from family and friends is enough to make anyone sick, but on top of everything else, you lose loads of money that could be better spent on necessities and savings. Here are a few ways to handle that.

The internet has evolved quickly over the past two decades.  Initially, communication on the internet involved a simple black screen with green text.  Most recently, the internet is the center of almost all of our communication efforts, and it offers several different platforms and experiences.   The internet becomes a little more ubiquitous with each passing day.  Technology has, and will continue, to push boundaries and reestablish borders in the realm of communication.  Take a moment to read over a short synopsis, highlighting a few ways in which the business world can utilize the internet for more effective communication.  

The business worlds as we know it has been through some huge changes over the past few decades. One of the biggest changes is that there are businesses that do everything completely online. The ecommerce world helps those of us without enough hours in the day. It helps those who are not physically capable of getting out to be more independent and allows businesses instant access to a global market. Below are a few tips to make sure your online business adventure is successful.

Running a business presents a certain level of risk. Just a couple of the things businesses need to protect themselves against include cyber-security threats and fraud. When you’re struggling to keep on top of just the day-to-day running of a company, it’s difficult to focus on potential threats too. That’s why the majority of successful businesses these days, hire in the professionals.

The packaging is often the first thing people notice about your products; whether you’re providing a gift bag for items bought in-store or putting items in boxes to be shipped out by mail, packaging makes a big difference. Here are just four hallmarks of quality packaging that you shouldn’t move forward without.

By now all of us who seek to progress financially should know that the money we earn should be segmented in such a way that we incrementally build up more assets and/or cash reserves. If you don’t know, here’s a quick rundown for you before I get into the main discussion of how you should plan ahead for your higher-risk investments segment of your personal financial management:

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